Bay City Computer Guy is only accepting residential clients. This is now a secondary activity for me and my day job comes first. Call and leave a message and I'll return your call within 24 hours to set up an evening appointment. Virus Cleanup I offer virus cleanup to residential customers. Typical virus removal is $60 but can vary if the system is badly infected. Don't let some novice do this because they can mess up your system worse. I know what I'm doing with viruses and will share my knowledge helping you prevent future occurances. PC repair I can fix anything on desktops. If you have a broken laptop, you'll need to call someone else as I no longer repair laptops due to liability and their fragile construction. When you can buy a new laptop for $300 today, why would you spend the same money fixing an old one? Data recovery If you deleted your files or your system crashed, I can typically recover them for you. Let me save your pictures for you! Don't lose those memories! Normal recovery doesn't cost much, but if your hard drive is failing, I can still recover files but it costs a little more. Home networking I can install or repair any wired or wireless networking. Need to stretch wireless to your pole barn or a building down the road? I have the solution to that and any other wired/wireless needs. Website Design Weither you just want a small 'Internet Business Card' or a full blown site, I can help you develop your vision. Prices start low but increase depending on how many toys you want on it. Limited camera installations I can install your home monitoring camera system. I need to evaluate every job so call me and we can discuss.